7 Nov

Bristol, UK

The challenges & joys of lifelong risk-taking

After-dinner speech to APM SWWE Branch annual dinner

8 Nov

London, UK

CIR 9th Annual Risk Management Awards – Gala Dinner

Details from http://www.cirmagazine.com/riskmanagementawards/

13-14 Nov

London, UK

How risky is your project (and what are you doing about it)?

Masterclass at Project Controls Expo 2018

16 Nov

Nicosia, Cyprus

How risky is your project?

Opening keynote for PMI Cyprus Chapter 2nd Annual Conference

19-20 Dec

Muscat, Oman

Project Risk Management Masterclass

In-house course for Sultan Qaboos University

25 Jan

Abbotsford, BC, Canada

Black Swan Hunting: Handling emergent risk

Keynote to Farm Business Forum at 21st Annual Pacific Agriculture Show